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Posted September 21, 2020 By Remote Training Systems

"Guaranteed" Guaranteed Results!

“Guaranteed Results”. How many times have you heard that phrase? After 35 years I’ve lost count. And up until now the most common way for any fitness product or diet product to guarantee results was to have the client engage in extreme lifestyle changes. Either the client would have to engage in an extreme new form of exercise. And/or, a very restrictive diet that would reduce their calorie intake to a very low level to ensure it was lower than what they had been doing before coming into the program. The combination of these two would get quick results but in an unhealthy way, and require an unsustainable lifestyle change to maintain the results. As we have learned more about the effect it has on a person’s body and health, the worse those approaches become.


A Scientifically Proven Safe Way to Guaranteed Results

But now there is a new, safer, and scientifically proven way to guaranteed results. The Cardio Coaching Weight Loss and Conditioning System. I know you’re thinking that I just spent a whole paragraph ripping this guaranteed results issue. Well, 6 years ago something occurred that offered a chance to change the way we coach cardio training. It was the introduction of the wrist tracker or smartwatch as most people call it. This new technology allowed us to do something we have never been able to do before. Collect quantifiable data from a cardio workout and use that data to write very specific data based workout prescriptions. And once results started to occur, we could replicate a client’s workout design to ensure they continued to get results until they achieved the goal/s they were looking for.

I would assume your first thoughts are, here we go again. Another new “best way to do it” program. Well, this is not that at all. In fact, it took six years and analyzing well over 2500 workouts while applying all the old training theories like heart rate zones, fat burning zones, talking tests, etc. as well as testing the new data-driven theories. These new training theories were unlike the old versions which were subjective (basically guesswork) in nature. Ultimately we not only were able to prove but, also replicate a system using data that provided significantly better results both short term and long term. And not only that, but once you found the workload data (number of exercise minutes, average heart rate per workout, and calories burned) a coach and client could replicate that workload and never waste a workout. And then using that prescriptive data the client would keep getting results until they achieved their ultimate goals. In addition, once that personalized prescription was identified, the client could use that prescription for the rest of their life to help maintain the results they achieved. Basically, Cardio Coaching is a data-driven system that eliminates all guesswork. Every workout moves you closer to your goal.


Cardio Coaching - Finally the Right Way to Cardio Train!

But this type of training is not intuitive to personal trainers. It is why it took us 6 years to develop. We have never used data to coach cardio exercise so no one before now has ever been trained to effectively coach data-based cardio training. And simply using any tracker or smartwatch will not get you the same results as this type of training. For data training to be effective it must include a trained cardio coach to personalize the coaching and understand how to use the data to get the results you want.

*So take that first step towards finally getting the support and direction you need to achieve and maintain, for the rest of your life, those goals that you have been chasing for years.