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Dennis Mathias has 35 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. In that time he has trained hundreds of clients, has witnessed thousands more, and has seen every diet and exercise program and fad that has come to fruition in the past four decades. Dennis has decided it’s time to pull back the curtain on the truth about weight loss, diet, and exercise and give people the very simple and scientifically-based information and knowledge they need and deserve to make smart choices that will change their lives for good.

When fitness technology became a reality Dennis spent two years testing the viability of using the data driven by fitness trackers to effectively coach clients to get the results they desired. He then spent another 5 years perfecting the Remote Training Systems Cardio Coaching training system using that data to insure positive client outcomes.

The Remote Training Systems program is a one of a kind experience where the client will get personalized attention 24/7 – 365 just like having a personal trainer on call. The end result of this unique and personalized program will be the client having sustained success like never before and eventually obtaining all of the information and data they will ever need to be the healthy, fit person they want to be for the rest of their life.


Our Testimonials

Primary Care Physician

I have to say I was very excited to see my results- 5 lbs of weight loss and body fat reduction of 2%. Before using the Remote Training System I worked out regularly but had no way of monitoring my effort. This has helped me to be able to make every minute spent in my cardio workout more efficient because I can track my effort via heart rate as I go. Whereas before I would come in to the gym, do 20 arbitrary minutes on one of the cardio machines and call it a day, now I'm putting in a better effort, burning more calories and seeing results.

As for the recent weigh in, I am definitely happy about being able to push through my plateau to bring off the last few pounds that I just assumed would always stay with me. But I am even more impressed with the change in body fat %!! Now I think I want to continue to work on that so that I can get into the bottom of the body fat % range for my age.

I think that having the fitness technology as a minute -to -minute gauge has helped me to step it up and to see the benefits of this new "work out smarter" routine. Also, knowing that someone is looking over my shoulder, so to speak, makes me want to push harder, not miss workouts, and to continue to challenge myself. After all, I know I'll be hearing about it from you!!!

I'm excited to see positive results for my patients as well. – Practicing Primary Care physician and active patient referral source

Oncology Physician

I am a 61 year old female who always had issues with weight. I am also not a true fan of routine exercise and I love to eat being Italian. I also work long hours as a physician which has been a great excuse for not exercising. After turning 60, I had an even harder time keeping weight off. I tried on my own to lose weight through cutting back what I ate and going to a few Zumba classes. I did lose 6 initial easy pounds but hit a plateau.
I got very motivated to start a program that made sense to me as a physician and saw the supervised exercise program on the Crozer EMR and gave it a try. I met Dennis Mathias who designed an exercise program for me which I could accomplish at my home for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week with equipment I owned but was not using. He taught me how to use this equipment to be successful. He tracked my average heart rate and calories burned during each session with the use of a wrist tracker which I would sync to my phone each time I would exercise.
Dennis is amazing and caring for your success and he gives you motivation to continue your work outs. I found out my Zumba class (which is so much fun and hard work!) could expend over 700 calories of energy in one hour using my tracker so it kept me motivated to go there twice a week. I also use my elliptical in between with the tracker starting at 30 minute sessions. During the summer, I also began biking regularly which I would substitute for the elliptical when at the shore. I even road my bike from the Cape May Ferry and back in 90 degree weather (not much fun!)! After 3 months, I am now increasing the time on the elliptical to expend further calories during my workouts. Dennis not only emails you regularly to motivate and educate you on your efforts, but he provides a weekly summary so you can compare to previous weeks and get back on track if life takes you off your health path. I truly have enjoyed the first 3 months of this program and now have lost an additional 6 pounds of weight, 7 pounds of fat with many additional health benefits! I believe my health has improved with better balance, endurance, flexibility and strength. I look forward to obtaining routine blood work in January to see if this program has improved other objective indices such as cholesterol levels.
Overall I have made this program a way of life. I plan my exercise for the week scheduled around long clinic days and night time meetings. I still have my ups and downs but I am doing my best. I also know I am in this for the long run and have signed up to continue the program for the next year. Thanks Dennis for all your support and I hope to make you proud! And as discussed I will start sending you as many cancer patients as you want.

Client - Primary Care Physician

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. I have tried many different programs to address this and have been successful for periods of time but the weight has always crept back on. I have also exercised regularly off and on over the years but “life” always seems to get in the way of maintaining any lasting exercise routine. I am a perfectionist so if I am not exercising “perfectly” or eating healthy “perfectly” I feel like I am failing and have often just given up. Over the years I developed high blood pressure and have been on medication for many years. I had to have orthopedic surgery a couple of years ago after which I was unable to exercise and I had not been able to do anything consistently since then. I have had increasing “aches and pains” that interfered with my sleep and general sense of well-being. I got to the point that I was taking Ibuprofen most days. Being a physician and talking to patients about their unhealthy lifestyles felt like a hypocrite. How could I expect my patients to do something that I myself have been unable to do? My children will both be in college this year and as I looked forward to the future I realized that I wanted to feel better, have more energy and to be able to “get down on the floor and play” with my future grandchildren. I decided to try one more time and got set up to work with Dennis on a supervised exercise program and also a nutritionist on a supervised nutrition plan. I was nervous at first because I knew that I had some limitations due to my orthopedic issues. I was also afraid to “try again” since I had “failed” so many times over the years. I started 7 months ago and have been able to lose 38 pounds and come off my blood pressure medication all together. Even more important to me is my improved endurance and much decreased aches and pains. I can’t remember the last time I took Ibuprofen. Dennis has been patient and worked with me to find things that I can do. He has helped me see that there is no “perfect” and to be patient with myself. He has gone above and beyond during this crazy quarantine time making videos of himself demonstrating exercises that he sent to me. He has been a cheer leader and has helped me to set reasonable and obtainable exercise goals that I could achieve. When I think about what I have been able to achieve I am still in dis-belief that I am where I am today. I excited for the future and to see what new things that I can achieve!

Client - Orthopedic Surgeon

Please accept this as an unbiased anonymous testimonial from a 76 year old white male retired surgeon who underwent Triple By-Pass Surgery in January 2006 and is currently on medication for hypertension, but not beta-blockers.
I have spent my entire life avoiding stressful cardiopulmonary activities such as running, sprinting, long distance swimming and similar because of shortness of breath. About 15 years ago I started weight lifting at the Healthplex which I enjoy and continue.
For the last 15-20 years I have been aware of increasing shortness of breath associated with certain activities such as rapidly going up a flight of steps. Recent medical exams have shown that my heart is stable and healthy considering my past. My lung function is normal. Since at least 2006 my resting pulse has been about 60 and never above 80 during exercise. The conclusion was that cardiac conditioning would be appropriate.
Utilizing the smartwatch, over the first month, I have been able to increase my cardio exercise from 10 minute intervals to 45 minute stretches. At the beginning, I was very short of breath and exhausted with a heart rate in the high 90s. Now I am much more comfortable and my average pulse during exercise is slowly but steadily dropping. This is consistent with cardiac conditioning.


Love using a fitness tracker! You can see your heart rate at all times and adjust your work out based on that information. I love the fact that I know exactly how many calories I burned and what my maximum heart rate was. I have lost 12 lbs and am constantly improving my cardio conditioning which has jumped dramatically since using the tracker. The tracker has also improved my performance on the tennis court. More stamina, and a better win record. I love the feedback I get from my coach Dennis! Who has seen first-hand in the numbers of my workout and physical weight. I have not really adjusted my diet, just mindful of what I am putting in my mouth! Like Dennis says it is like a bank account you have to put the dollars in (exercise) before you take it out (eat food, calories). Bottom line I love the fitness tracker! I have limited time to work out and it is a huge plus to know what I have done each day!


My fitness tracker does the measuring, and makes sense of the data by providing actionable feedback that gives me the best shot at success with my weight loss goals. Dennis and my tracker give me the tools I need. The rest is up to me.

The Beginning

After 35 years in the Health and Fitness industry and having seen every version of every diet or exercise program in some cases three times, I’ve decided it’s time to pull back the curtain and provide people with a base of the real diet, fitness and exercise information they need to make good decisions for themselves. The truth is there are three and only three true rules of human physiology. And there is nothing anyone can do (medical issues aside) to change these rules. There are no magic pills or foods or exercises or supplements that change the way these rules react. Here are those three rules:

  1. The body is a self-sustaining mechanism designed to do whatever it needs to do to keep itself alive.
  2. Body weight changes occur when your nutritional intake and exercise efforts are at the proper levels required to drive weight loss.
  3. Muscle strength and size is changed through the overload principle meaning you make your muscles work harder than they are used to working during a normal day. It does not matter how you do this. Muscles are just blind mechanisms that react to stimuli.

But unfortunately over the past 35 years for all kinds of reasons these rules have been bent and stretched in the name of selling something or appeasing an audience that wants that magic pill. Over the course of this series I am going to put the truth out there. Knowledge is power and these articles will give you the power to make good lifestyle decisions and not react to some over hyped caricature of a diet or exercise program.

So let’s start with the biggest misconception that there is some better way to do things than others. The truth is everything you do related to fitness, diet or exercise ultimately is controlled by one or more of the above three rules. So ultimately as long as what you are doing is safe and effective, it’s right for you. HIIT training is no better than steady state training on a treadmill from a physiological stand point. The best exercise, as I was telling people 35 years ago, is the one you will do right, consistently and safely. Someone can lose weight as quickly doing a treadmill as they can doing an interval (HIIT) boot camp.

So I’ll end this article with this analogy. Fitness health is like financial health. The best way to success is specific to the individual and whatever methodology they will follow provided they are doing it correctly and getting results.

So get ready. By the time we’re done this series you will know all you need to know to lead a normal healthy life. Yes I will make some enemies along the way but this series is for you the reader not for the snake oil salesmen that are all over the industry right now.

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More RTS Testimonials

The following notes are direct feedback we have received from those participating in the Remote Training Systems Weight supervised exercise program. Hear what these nine users had to say about the program:

  1. Until I started on the Remote Training Systems program I never knew how hard I WASN’T working and how much time I was wasting at the gym. I now do every workout knowing it is exactly the right thing to do and I leave every day knowing my workout was not a complete waste of time.
  2. After diligently trying to lose weight for three months by focusing on strength training and not losing a pound, I tried the Remote Training Systems program and between my first and second weigh-in I lost 2 pounds and between my second and third weigh-in I lost another pound. That’s three more pounds lost in two weeks than I lost in the entire three months of weight training focus.
  3. Between my initial weigh-in and my second weigh-in, which was a month later, I lost 6 pounds which totally surprised me!
  4. I love the ability to use the RTS fitness tracker for any workout I do and know when I’m done how hard I actually worked out and how many calories I burned.
  5. The combination of a live coach and the RTS fitness tracker is like having a personal trainer for every workout and a round the clock personal trainer (Dennis) who makes sure I am doing everything correctly and progresses my workouts to insure I achieve my goals. I would have never worked out this hard or this efficiently on my own.
  6. Being on the program has made me feel accountable in some way. I have become more consistent with my workouts than I have in the past. And knowing exactly the value of the workout (number of calories burned and exercise heart rate) I feel guilty when I miss one because I know exactly what I am missing.
  7. The program teaches you what it takes to lose weight and exercise correctly for the rest of your life. So even if you get off track you know exactly what to go back to.
  8. I learned that you can lose weight without changing your diet and without doing hard boot camp type workouts.
  9. The Remote Training Systems program and Dennis’ approach is a secret that needs to get out. Everyone should know about it.

Our program's mantra: “If you’re not counting it, it doesn’t count”