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Just 'doing' exercise is not right. Doing the 'right exercise' is right.

Posted July 02, 2020 By Remote Training Systems
Just 'doing' exercise is not right.  Doing the 'right exercise' is right.

I have been in the fitness business for 35 years. For the first seven, I was a personal trainer. During my first two years of being a personal trainer, I spent a lot of time in the Temple University Exercise Science lab being mentored by a very good friend who had her Ph.D. in Exercise Science. To this day she is the smartest exercise science individual I have ever worked with. During that time, I was a twenty-something, testosterone-driven, know-it-all trainer. After all, I had read every Muscle and Fitness magazine every published. To this day I owe everything to this friend of mine who drove all those unscientific theories and their effects on our bodies out of my head. And the truth is exercise is not that complicated unless someone is trying to sell something. It has become the norm, unfortunately, to confuse the consumer with untruths and hyperbole.


Here is the dark secret infomercials and one-trick pony exercise systems do not want you to understand. Your muscular system is a blind mechanism that reacts to external stimuli. In simple terms let's look at cardio. Cardio exercise is doing an activity that causes your heart (which is a muscle) to work at a level higher than normal for some extended period of time. When this occurs, your heart has no idea what you are doing. It just knows you are doing something that requires it to beat faster, so it does. If your heart rate is 120, it does not matter if you are pushing a wheelbarrow or running a track, the health effect on your heart is the same. Usually to sell a video or special workout the seller has to tell you that what they are doing is the best way and then quote some study to make it seem authentic. I have seen so many of the "best of's" I have lost track of how many. But there is no such thing as "the best of." Recently the whole fitness industry started pushing something called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) as the best workout. Well, the truth is that it is not. But again, nothing is. After studying thousands of workouts and completing over 1000 workouts myself, there is a very specific way to identify the “right” exercise. After 6 years of intense effort, I have perfected how to identify the “right” exercise for anyone. It does not matter if you are a regular exerciser or someone who has never worked out. I promise you this system will work for anyone.


Here is the answer to what the best workout is. The one that you will do consistently, safely, efficiently AND gets you the results you want, all while making you healthier. Because of injuries to every major joint except my right hip, I could not do a "HIIT" workout for a million-dollar check. What I could do was other very common, simple workouts that led to a 30-pound weight loss. It also resulted in a resting heart rate change (which is a measure of your heart health) from 60 to 42, which is a level that caused a pre-op prep nurse to call for a crash cart (true story)! To get those results every exercise had to be done right, not just done. I could do 60 minutes of bleachers for the sake of doing 60 minutes. After all, if I am sweating and breathing seemingly hard enough isn't that exercise? Yes, but not necessarily RIGHT exercise. So yes, you were moving but it does not mean you were doing it right. This means you might not be getting results and might not be getting any healthier than you are now. Or, without utilizing my Remote Training System, you could be exercising too much (which leads to injuries or boredom) or too little (which leads to, well, nothing).


So do you know if what you are doing is right for you?