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THE FIVE STEPS TO FITNESS SUCCESS - Nike is wrong. You can't "Just Do It"

Posted October 29, 2020 By Remote Training Systems
THE FIVE STEPS TO FITNESS SUCCESS - Nike is wrong. You can't

What is the best way to work out and get results?

For so many years I have watched thousands of people chase their fitness goals. And along the way I have been asked more times than I can count; “what’s the best workout for me”, “nothing is working, what should I do”, and so on. And what I’ve seen over and over again is people just moving from workout to workout or fad to fad assuming the workout alone is designed to somehow magically get results. And while there are those that for myriad of reasons have success, far more keep chasing that elusive goblet.

So 6 years ago when I set out to design a training system using fit tech data I was committed to developing a complete system that included all the parts required for someone to achieve their goals. And having done this as long as I have, I was no longer intimidated by laying out the truth. Achieving your goals is work. There is no magic pill or “best of” workout or any type of short cut.

And as I built the program piece by piece it became very apparent that there had to be a starting point that establishes what is required to be successful. And that it’s more than jumping into a HIIT class because everything you hear says it has magic powers.

So I wrote out the Five Steps to Fitness Success. And I now review these five steps with every client or physician referred patient at the beginning of all my intake consultations. Because if you cannot gain agreement that they will follow these steps to success it will be an uphill climb for both sides.


The Five Steps to Fitness Success:


Step 1 – Commitment:

On a scale of 1-10 your commitment to your achieving your goal has to be an 11. There will be distractions, excuses, and all kinds of reasons to quit. Those that achieve their fitness goals let nothing get in their way. If you are not at this level of commitment do not go to step 2 because you will fail.


Step 2 – Consult an expert:

Trying to achieve a fitness goal without consulting an expert is like walking into your pharmacy when you’re sick and self-prescribing medications. I have seen thousands of people fail because they felt they could do it on their own. YOU CANT! You need the direction and support of a fitness professional to help you identify your goal and put together an effective plan, just like you need your doctor to get better when you’re sick or injured.


Step 3 – Develop a definitive, realistic, and measurable goal:  

If I had a dollar for every time I heard “I want more energy, I want to lose weight, I want to feel better” I would be on an island somewhere. That’s like going into your doctor and saying I don’t feel well just give me a pill. You MUST have a clearly defined goal to be able to develop a program that will get you there. A good fitness professional will help you do that.


Step 4 – Learn to love the results not the effort:

I’ll let you in on a little industry secret, exercise is not fun! If you ask 10 trainers and they are completely honest with you they will tell you we have to push ourselves to exercise as much as everyone else. So trying to love the effort (exercise) is setting you up for potential failure. The reason we all exercise regularly is that we love the results and realize that exercise is the means to those results. And if you are getting the results you want, you will stick with your exercise plan.


Step 5 – Measure, track, and record your effort:

There is an old business adage that says if you’re not counting it, it doesn’t count. The biggest lesson I learned from my time spent developing my technology-based coaching program is that almost everyone I coached that started using a tracker would tell me they didn’t realize they were not working as hard as they thought they were or should. Plus everything cardio is related to your heart rate. And unless you are measuring your effort, most times you’re not getting the return on your effort you think you are.

So there it is a proven formula. Follow these steps and anyone can achieve the goals they so desire.