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Finally - The Guaranteed 'guaranteed results' System

Posted July 02, 2020 By Remote Training Systems
Finally - The Guaranteed 'guaranteed results' System

I know, I know – you have heard it a million times with both exercise and diet programs. Especially over the last few years with all of the pop-up and franchise “boot camp” type studios and the myriad of diet plans that have hit the market. Every one of them uses those two words (guaranteed results) obsessively. They are probably the two most bent and twisted marketing words ever used in the fitness and diet industry. Why? Because people will buy into whatever is being sold without even considering what “it” is. I have stories I will tell in an article I plan to write about the strategy used by these types of studios and diet plans. Both are very similar approaches, but they are flawed and I will touch on that a little bit in this article. I will also go into more detail in the article that explains why these extremist approaches work, sort of; and that is not a rip at what they do. It is the way it has been done for 35 years. But it is not my way, and definitely not a long term answer to a healthy lifestyle and the results you desire.


When I began 35 years ago, I was extremely fortunate to have a mentor that had an Exercise Science Ph.D. I spent my first seven years in the industry as a trainer. But my first two years were either in the Temple University Exercise Science lab or in the health club I was working at doing actual training sessions. The most valuable part of this experience with my mentor was the legitimate approach that was drilled into me right from the start. From that experience, I developed my two personal golden rules that I have lived by for my whole career. Number 1: Never do anything that will not hold up to the highest level of expert scrutiny. Number 2: Train your clients in such a way that the end goal will result in the client knowing all they need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle, and will no longer need you. When I began my work on the Remote Exercise Training System it was with both of these core philosophies in mind. And if I designed something that “worked”,  but did not meet both those objectives, I would have left it on the floor!


Six years ago when wrist trackers came out, I decided I was going to see if I could  I could use the data that wearables provoded to coach clients to their goals. The point I was trying to prove was that by using data I could quantify a client's efforts and training would become very data-driven. Not just based on how much the client would sweat, or how hard they thought they were working. I wanted exact numbers so I could use raw data to structure my coaching of the client to safely and effectively achieve the goals they wanted. After all, numbers do not lie. I always knew it was not effective to base exercise prescriptions on how hard someone thought they were working. I wanted to design a system using raw data that would tell me exactly how hard they were working or not working and coach accordingly. I spent the first year just testing multiple theories on myself. And if you check out my before and after picture you can see the results. A 30-pound weight loss using this system and coaching myself by the data recorded from every workout. No diet, no weight training, and no hardcore, HIIT-type workouts. Just using my unique, data-driven training system and good old cardio equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, etc.


After I proved it worked, I started taking on clients that were already working out but not getting results. Ultimately, anyone that followed the system had success. This success led to a physician wanting to test the program for her patients. Based on her personal success, she started sending patients to go through my program, all with some limiting condition. Once again, we were able to drive successful results in these challenging patients. This then led to taking referrals from 102 family physicians as a result of the success of the system.


After 6 years of hard work studying thousands of workouts and coaching over 500 clients/patients, the system is proven to work on anyone because it is based on numbers. After all that data based coaching with all kinds of clients, the system has been perfected to the point where I can follow my core philosophy and say without any hesitation that I can guarantee “guaranteed results” for anyone.


In line with my golden rule number 2, you will end up with an exercise prescription and the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to maintain those results for life and therefore no longer need my or anyone else's help. Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do for the rest of your life, no matter where you are, to keep that look and feel you have always wanted. There is a very special way to do this. I have seen everything that is out there and the promises they make, and there is nothing like this anywhere. Yes, they might get you some results initially, which gets back to my point above of how they do that. Yet, these results are derived from a system that does not provide you with the information you need to make your results last. What I learned is exercise is like a clinical intervention. Every person must be treated as an individual. Everyone has their own needs and personal profiles that require individualized attention over a period of time to get you where you want to go. There is no “one size fits all” approach. And by using raw data not only do we get you the results you want, but a personalized "exercise prescription" that will guide you to maintaining those results for the rest of your life.


So yes, after 6 years and thousands of workouts, with all kinds of clients/patients, I can comfortably say if you follow my program I can guarantee “guaranteed results”.