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Posted August 31, 2020 By Remote Training Systems

When I decided to write this article I was doing my cardio workout and as always thinking about what helpful information I haven’t shared yet. And when I decided on this subject I spent 45 of my 60 minutes arguing with myself on just the title. Why? Because the most common answer to the biggest reason people do not see results or, have success with an exercise program, is their level of commitment. When it comes to including regular exercise in your lifestyle it requires a high level of commitment. So I was struggling with using the wording of “Biggest Reason Why” when the article was not going to be about commitment. But what finally convinced me to run with the title was that “exercise failure" also happens to those that are actually exercising regularly. In 35 years of running health clubs, I have watched thousands of members exercising regularly with many approaching me or my fitness staff asking why they were not seeing results even though they were working out 4-5 times per week. 


What I am about to share is not new to me. It’s something that has been a part of every client workout program I have ever coached. But when I began the development of the Remote Training Systems Cardio Coaching program I forced myself to analyze in detail every component of the coaching process. And when I started working with Physician referrals it became absolutely a necessity that the program design insured patients were successful so there was no room for “Exercise Failure”.


Ok, so what’s the “Biggest Reason”?


Here it is – KNOW YOUR GOAL”. Sounds simple right? Wrong! I have lost count of how many times I have asked that question. But the answers I get are always the same. Let me know if you’ve ever used one of these.

  • I want to lose weight
  • I want to feel better
  • My doctor suggested I start exercising
  • My spouse made me do it

Well here's a little secret. None of those are actual goals. By definition, a goal has to be specific and measurable. Those answers are like going to a financial planner and when they ask you what you are trying to achieve you respond "have more money in my account". Ok, so just put an extra dollar in every week and you'll have more money in your account. They answered your request, didn't they? You asked for more money in your account and they told you how to get more money in your account. But in the end, that really wasn't your intended goal. Now let’s answer their question differently. “I want to have an additional $5000 in my account in 12 months. Now your planner has something measurable to work with and can design and manage a very specific plan to get you to that goal.


Exercise coaching is no different. For a coach to design, manage, and monitor a plan that will ensure you achieve your goal/s both you and your coach have to agree on specifically what those goals are. The four generic answers above make it impossible for a coach to build a program and monitor and manage it to ensure you get the results you want because they don't know what results you really want. But getting specific goals from a client/patient can actually be very challenging for several reasons. The most common one is the person really does not know exactly what they want. They know they need to exercise. And they know exercise can lead to losing weight or feeling better or sleeping better, etc. But they really don’t know exactly why they are doing it. This is where a skilled professional must get involved. We can help talk you through the process of deciding and defining what you really want to accomplish. And then everything your coach has you do will move you towards that objective. But most of all you will understand and value why you are doing what you are doing so no workout will ever be wasted. And by working with a coach you will have a far better chance of achieving and maintaining your goals.


Not having goals is like that old saying (my version). If you don’t know where you’re going, no road will get you there.


So that’s why “Develop a definitive, realistic and measurable goal” is Remote Training Systems step number 3 on the “Five Steps to Fitness Success.


"If you know your goal you can now achieve your goal!"