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Ok, what really makes this system so special?

Posted July 02, 2020 By Remote Training Systems
Ok, what really makes this system so special?

This is a great question. The quick, simple answer is how we are able to offer guaranteed results. I know, you see that claim on every boot camp studio you drive past and most infomercials you watch. In fact, you might have even tried one of these boot camp studios and even gotten some results. We are starting to see people drift away from those studios because the results have stopped coming and not knowing what to do next. We are also seeing people trying to follow the latest infomercial/digital delivery type video or fancy video workout with no success. Now let me explain what makes Remote Training Systems different from everything else on the market, and why we can guarantee "guaranteed results."  In a separate article I will explain the design behind boot camp studios and infomercial/digital delivery programs, and why they only work for a certain type individual.  


To understand what makes RTS so unique, I first have to share the two golden rules I have followed without fail my entire 35-year career. Rule Number 1: Never offer any type of programming or coaching that will not hold up to the highest level of expert scrutiny. Rule Number 2: When training any client or patient, the ultimate goal is for the client/patient to achieve their goals and to eventually be able to work out effectively and efficiently on their own without the help of a trainer and still achieve their goals. RTS successfully achieves both of those philosophies.


Now, the story of how this one-of-a-kind program came to be, which will help you understand how we can guarantee results.


In my 35 years in the fitness business, I have seen it all. I have watched thousands of people come and go, and very few achieving their goals or objectives. So the question is why...? Well, after throwing aside the number 1 reason, client desire, the real roadblock lies in our four core competencies: simplify, quantify, personalize, and humanize.


Simplify- As I mentioned before, I have seen it all. Yet it was not until I had built this program and started working with all types of clients with all levels of exercise experience, but, who had seen all the commercials, TV shows, and social media “expertise”, did I realize how confused about exercise all this “best of” noise had made most people. After hearing enough of these stories, I built into the initial client consultation the simplified explanation of exercise. And trust me, it’s just not that complicated.


Quantification – This is the secret sauce. When I started building this system I had one main goal: to find a way to maximize fitness tracker technology to gather key data from the client's workout, analyze it, and then use it to quantify the workout by data measurement; not by feel, amount of sweat, or the belief it is just commercially a great workout to get everyone results. If I was able to use key data points to quantify the workout and get results, I could now replicate that effort and adjust it when the data dictated it should be adjusted (numbers don't lie), so no workout is ever wasted. Then, I could follow that strategy right up to the client's goals (see my before and after photo). No one that has followed this program through to the end has failed. You cannot fail. It is an exact science. That is how we can guarantee "guaranteed results." But...I need to be clear. It is not as simple as just putting on a heart rate tracker and assuming the data you see is correct, or wearing it in a class setting and getting a report of what you did proclaiming it was a great workout for you because you closed some circle. Trackers or Smartwatches are just tools that require expert human analysis to be used effectively.


Personalization - Exercise MUST be treated like clinical integration. Every client must be treated as an individual. This is no different than going to a physician. A physician would not put twenty people with knee pain in a room together and put them all through the same rehab routine. He would meet with each individual, identify their very specific goals and needs, profile them, and then design a plan just for them. Exercise is absolutely no different. To get results the coaching effort must be personalized to the client’s needs and profile to get results.


Humanization – There is no doubt that no matter what we do, we will do it better if someone with expert knowledge in whatever we are doing guides us through the process. Our program is built on that belief. You will have your own personal trainer analyzing every workout, offering feedback on your efforts, and available at all times to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Not only do we collect and quantify the critical performance data from your workouts, but we also give you a personal trainer to analyze it and give you very direct and honest feedback and direction. This ensures no time is wasted and you get those guaranteed “guaranteed results.”


Finally, at the core of our whole program is a take on an old saying that is driven by the personalization factor that will get you results.


“Exercise alone is not right. The right exercise is right!”