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THE HEALING POWER OF A HEATHY LIFESTYLE - A success story in her own words

Posted October 26, 2020 By Remote Training Systems
THE HEALING POWER OF A HEATHY LIFESTYLE - A success story in her own words

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Tracey is one of my first clinical referrals. She is a wonderful person with an incredible story. So much so, I asked her to tell it in her own words. Her story is one that follows the script I continue to preach. Starting with the physician, to clinically sound and human-guided lifestyle modalities, to a cooperative and collaborative effort between the physician and the modality providers, to accountability and support, and ultimately to success.

So here is Tracey’s story in her own words. The picture speaks for itself. I couldn’t be more proud and happy for her.


Remote Personal Training  Works - A Customer Testimonial!

If I had been a mathematical equation, it would have looked like … morbid obesity + diabetes + high blood pressure + high cholesterol + all of the manifestations of each =’d Me. At one point, I was so plagued with illness that I physically, and literally, felt as if every single day might be my last. My daily activities solely consisted of dragging myself to and through work, dragging myself back home; repeat. Somehow, I managed to do some traveling. On my 50th birthday cruise, docking in Key West, heading to see the sights, I made it about 100 yards from the ship when I had to separate from my friends and return. The reason was that the combination of extreme heat, oppressive humidity, and poor health, set off the physical warning alarm that something fatal was about to happen to me. On most of my trips, friends either had to kindly, yet constantly, wait for me, or I had to separate from them at some point and retreat to my bed for recovery.

There were a lot of things going on in my life (medically and physically) that finally brought me to the fork in my proverbial fitness road; including the gastrointestinal brutality of diabetes medication. I prayed for all kinds of help from God (the ultimate source of my strength & success), and I made a deal with my doctor. I bargained with her to release me from taking the diabetes meds for 3 months, promising that if my next A1c test didn’t show a miracle, that I would concede to the prescriptions. She agreed, and the miracle began. There were no magic pills, quick weight-loss schemes, fads, or trends, included in the miracle. My journey (which I am still actively on), consists of daily prayer + exercise + healthy food choices + water + discipline + willpower + dedication + determination, and sometimes + tears. Make no mistake - not one part of this journey has been easy. But, the new mathematical equation of me is: NO diabetes + NO high blood pressure + NO high cholesterol = now my friends can’t keep up with me on vacations!